The Winners in each class were:

1 - 3 stems flowers                    Chris Draper J Roberts Cup (1)
2  - Mixed cut flowers               Barbara Tyndall Smith Challenge Cup (2-4)
3 - Flowering pot plant             Liz Watson
4 - Foliage pot plant                   Chris Draper

5 - Floral art                                 Janet Lawrence

6 - Foliage art                              Janet Lawrence Rainbow Challenge Cup 

7 - 6 Runner Beans                    Paula Hallam

9 - 6 Tomatoes                            Helen Rossiter Barnet Cup  (7-11)

11 - Other vegetable                     Fiona Dowle

12 - 3 Fruit                                     Paula Hallam

13 - 10 Soft Fruit                           Pat Warner  Challenge Cup  (12-13)

14 - Jam or Jelly                          Jennifer Matthews

15 - Pickle or Chutney                Myra Wilkinson

16 - 6 Scones                               Jennifer Matthews

17 - Choc Courgette Cake         Janet Lawrence  Alan Davis Cup (16-18)

Summer Show 5th July, 2017

We had  a lot of entries for the show this year and some impressive winners. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners. Judging was by members votes for classes 1-4. Pam Beedham judged class 5, the small arrangement, and Andrew Caine judged the Best in Show. Jenny and Christine took first prizes again this year for their Roses and Carnations.  There were lots of Sweet Peas entries  and Michelle Gibson won the prize with some beautiful purple ones. Barbara Tyndell won the  Flower Class with Dahlias and  Best in Show was won by Joyce Slatter for her delightful small arrangement. Congratulations!!    

Autumn Show 6th September 2017

We had 85 entries for the show (four more than last year) which is excellent. Thank you to everyone who took part and our Judges Andrew Caine, Joyce Slatter and Diane Pearce . Congratulations to the class and cup winners. Chris Draper again won a cup for her dahlias as did Janet Lawrence for her floral art. New cup winners were Paula Hallam  for fruit and and Fiona Dowle who won two cups for her squashes and Jam. Well Done Indeed!  The Deputy Mayor presented the prizes and after the show members talked about their favourite plants - Lavender, Clematis, Alliums and Liquid Amber amoungst others.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

The winners receiving their prizes from the Mayor

Dazzling Daffodils and Spring Flowers

Pam Beedham - Best in Show

The Happy Winners with their exhibits

The Winners were:

Class 1 - 3 stems Roses                                Jenny Matthews          
Class 2  - 10 stems of Sweet Peas             Michelle Gibson
Class 3 - 4 stems Carnations or Pinks      Christine Draper         
Class 4 - 5 stems of other flowers            Barbara Tyndall
Class 5 - Pam's small arrangement          Joyce Slatter
The Best in Show Dennis Archer Cup       Joyce Slatter

The show entries - flowers fruit vegetables and home produce

Autumn Show
Flowers, Produce, Baking, Jam and Chutney
Wednesday 5th September, 2018, 5:00pm

The Autumn Show is always our biggest and best.  We make an early start to allow competitors to stage their etries before judging. The mayor presents the prizes at our meeting which follows at 7.30pm.

There are classes for floral art, flowers, fruit and vegetables and a bit of home cooking!

If you would like a copy of the schedule please contact Myra Wilkinson.

There is a full list of 2017 show winners and photos below.

Autumn Show

Flowers, Produce and Home Baking, Jam and Chutney

Wednesday 2nd September, 2015, 4:00pm

The Autumn Show is always our biggest and best.  We make an early start (doors open at 4pm) to allow competitors to finalise their arrangements in time for judging.

There's a full list of the winners for the 2014 Show below, on this page.

This year the show will follow a similar format, with opportunities to enter floral art, flowers, fruit and vegetables and a bit of home cooking!

Summer Show

Roses, Pinks, Sweet Peas and Carnations

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 6:30pm

Another chance for the flower growers to shine!  There is a class for a small flower  arrangement 6in square and in honour of American Independence Day we are having a  Red, White and Blue Flower Class. In this show the members vote for the entries they think best with only Best in Show decided by the Judge.

The winners and pictures from 2017 are below. Joyce Slatter won Best in Show with her small flower arrangement.

Annual Plant Competition

Each year in March members can purchase a small plug plant.. The plants are then nurtured by their owners until August when we run a competition for the best grown plant.

In 2017 it was a Geranium and we had the largest number of entries ever with the full range of sizes, flowers and health on display. Thank you to everyone who brought their plant back, and made the competition so much fun.

Monica Davies won the prize for the best Geranium with Caroline Rowe and Jim Cook taking second and third. There was hot competition for the consolation prize with several impressively small entries but Janet Panmore clinched it with her poorly little plant and won a bottle of plant food ready for next year!


C​lass 1 - 6 stems cut spring flowers                       Bernice Astling

Class 2 - 3 Stems of blossom                                   Monica Davis

Class 3 -  Vase of mixed flowers and foliage      Jenny Matthews
Class 4 - Container of bulbs                                     Pam Beedham

Cass 5 -  Foliage pot plant                                         Pam Beedham       

​The Gemini Cup for best in Class 1-5  went to Pam Beedham for her container of bulbs

Class 6  - Lemon Curd                                               Myra Wilkinson
Class 7  - Marmalade                                                  Linda Williams   
Class 8 - Jelly                                                               Jim Cook

Spring Show 4th April 2018

There were 37 entries for the show and members produced a dazzling display of daffodils and spring flowers despite the cold wet weather.

Congratulations to Pam Beedham for winning best in show with her amazing bowl of Tulips. Congratulations to Jim Cook too for winning first prize for his Jelly.

Thanks to Andrew Caine for judging and Ursula Key-Davis our speaker for presenting the prizes.


We hold shows in Spring, Summer and Autumn and a competition in August​​

Spring Show

Bulbs and Blossom

Wednesday 4th April, 2018, 6:30pm

The first show of the year, and a chance to cheer ourselves up with a display of bulbs, cut flowers and house plants and we also have classes for Jelly and Marmalade as well.

Details of the winners and pictures of the 2018 entries are  below.